Drawbacks of Plastic & Best Eco-Friendly Kitchenware

When it comes to the kitchen everyone looks for the best as it is the primary part and center of our homes. We want our cookhouses clean, fresh, and close to nature so that any unsustainable things will not harm our foods and keep us as healthy as possible because it’s the food that keeps us alive and the kitchens that used to cook.

People tend to adopt eco-friendly kitchenware with the increase in plastic waste and harmful to the environment products. This will not only make our lifestyle natural but it will reduce the waste that is a threat to our ecosystem. Moreover, it will also protect wildlife and could be helpful in so many ways, for instance, decreasing waste, and reducing costs in production and buying. 

We’re going to discuss what kind of sustainable kitchen products would best suit your cookhouse plus what harm plastic and other products are doing.

Harmfulness of Plastic & Other Non-Biodegradable Items

With the huge amount of occupied land plastic waste is lethal to fish, birds, and other wildlife that are surviving on leftovers produced by humans. Plastic waste is not digestible resulting in severe health issues for animals that eat it. It is also non-decomposable which in turn captures our fertile land. In addition, the smoke from plastic burning is damaging our ozone layer.

Talking about other non-eco-friendly products such as paper coffee cups, tea bags, etc is also not as helpful as you think. They’re affecting the environment in the same way as plastic. Also, including plastic, they release toxic chemicals that directly affect our health and make our foods less nutritious which may result in a weaker immune system.

Best Eco-Friendly Kitchenware to Have

Consider your kitchen as a first step toward making your home more environmentally friendly. The key to zero-waste kitchen products is the raw materials used, and how those materials are sourced.

What steps the company is taking to be more responsible in terms of taking care of the environment? Here’re some of the recommended products and eco-friendly kitchenware accessories that will not only change your lifestyle but also contributes towards saving the environment. 

What do you think about this Tribal hand carved wooden platter?

Biodegradable Utensils

Utensils are the primary tools that help us in eating food in a good way. If you’re using plastic or other material cutlery, now is the time to take your step back and think about the earth. Eco-friendly utensils are reusable along with that decomposable which makes them cost-efficient and healthy for our environment.

You can also use wooden and marble made utensils to make your tables look more elegant. They come in different shapes, and styles, moreover, can be found easily in any eco kitchenware store online.

Image to illustrate the best eco-friendly kitchenware

Reusable Cups and Straws

For drinking we use cups and to make it fancy straws are the add-on. It's like icing on the cake if you have eco-friendly straws and cups on your table.

Firstly, they’re reducing waste and lastly decreasing the cost because of their reusable nature. The production of eco-friendly or decomposable drinking cutlery is free of any dangerous chemicals that’ll harm our health in any way.

Moreover, they can be found easily in any eco-friendly kitchenware online store like le Spatula, and come in different types and forms so that you’ll enhance your living according to your own desire.

Organic Bags

Instead of using plastic bags, organic cotton or linen bread carriers are the best options to go with while making your lifestyle environmentally friendly. These bags keep your food last longer and can be reusable to reduce the cost & waste.

Furthermore, they’re made up of natural linen or cotton that can be easily washable, reusable, and cost-efficient. This can be a huge contribution towards the zero-waste moment if you shift from plastic to environmental bags.

Mason Jars and Glass Food Containers

Food stored in plastic jars rots earlier as compared to mason, wooden, or glass jars. If you store your daily pick kitchen items in eco jars, they will ultimately be going to last a little longer. This is because, like plastic, mason jars don’t release dangerous food chemicals which help food to survive more than a few days.

In addition, they also make your kitchen look elegant due to their natural appearance. Various kinds of mason, wooden, and glass jars with gorgeous designs can be found hassle-free.

Boxes with food, a natural part of a eco-friendly kitchen.


Summarizing all this, any unsustainable process is going to harm us and our environment badly. Because of different non-eco chemicals used and gases released in these types of processes, they are affecting our health in terms of the products we use and harming our nature as well.

Resulting in severe climate changes and sudden shifts in weather. Therefore, it is our duty and necessary for us to protect the earth as much as we can by using eco-friendly products that are made in completely natural ways.

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